The Southeast Asian AgriMuseum will employ advances in information technology to effectively showcase science-based knowledge, innovations, and recommendations for an inclusive and sustainable agricultural and rural development (ARD) in an interactive manner. As in traditional museums, it will also exhibit unique artefacts that will depict the nature of agriculture and the diverse farming culture in Southeast Asia.

Exhibit 1

Milestones of Southeast Asian Agriculture

primes visitors on the centrality of agriculture in the lives of Southeast Asian people.

Exhibit 2

Unique Foodscapes of Southeast Asian Countries

provides visitors detailed information on distinguishing features of agriculture in each Southeast Asian country.

Exhibit 3

Lifescape: Commonalities of Southeast Asian Countries

provides visitors an appreciation of the commonalities of agriculture in each country across ecosystems from ridge to reef.

Exhibit 4

Challenges of Southeast Asian Agriculture

presents the threats of population growth in the region and the aging farm population; how urbanization and globalization are changing food preferences and consumption; increasing food wastage; food safety risks; and degradation of natural resources compromising agriculture and food production.

Exhibit 5

Hope for Southeast Asian Agriculture

shows the transformation of agriculture in Southeast Asia highlighted by institutional and individual game changers and their impacts on ARD.

It will feature five pockets of hope, as follows:

  • Adaptations to Climate Change
  • Environmental Sustainability
  • Food Safety / Quality / Entrepreneurship / Trade
  • Social Inclusion
  • Agricultural Technology / Innovation and Biotech
Exhibit 6

Future Farms of Southeast Asia

describes the potentials and future of agriculture in Southeast Asia.